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January Haiku Poetry

I am hidden
except for this mighty sky

upon the earth
moments wandering
through the narrow bays
eagle traveled moons ago
frosted sky
heavenly blue waters
upside down
sun rays
fills the bareness
sparkle sounds
birch framed blues
winter lake waters hold
the rain
a gold stone day
in a marbled sky clouds
cut, diced and sliced
snow pearl day
only you and a moonstone sky
nothing as rich
making me smile
as I just cooked
black-eye peas
snow etched ridges
hiding among pine tree rows
chasing white traces
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My January Tanka Poems

a cold grey stone morning
chilled air and marble icing
spread evenly over the horizon
sliced & cut into laced cloud bands
as they criss-cross the cliffs below

winds now shift south
hitting the water with precision points
like great ship convoys
battle lines form for some great war
heading toward distant shores

delicate soft winter breezes
my sky winds came by today
lingering for a morning stay
of oven fresh rasberry scones
and hot orange-spiced tea

there upon these Ozark hills
once claimed bounty of land
plowed on the rocky ridges
homestead and fences – a mule & a plow
Oh, these unsung farmlands gone

warm air & hints of pine scents
delicate tree breezes
you can hear the fall leaves still
clinging to their old oak homes
not yet free to roam


Setting Up Shop

“Daylight Hours”

Written in response to Luke Prator’s Sonnet, After Dark
Reading by Tommy Blackwolf
For The River Muse Journal’s Winter Challenge 2013
Shared and posted today for @dversepoets #OpenLinkNight
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Across misty blue skies I look overhead to see jet trails
people going somewhere, anywhere but here
I set up shop along the roadside by Wal-Mart

Constant traffic passes like a parade ~
all sorts and sizes:  mini-vans, suvs, trucks, and compacts
each car in a single lane stopping straight across from me

I hold my private court one-by-one in broad daylight
they look straight at me with invisible eyes
Joe says, “You know people feel better when they can do something nice for someone”

Roadside Joe offers me a place to stay today
we move from place to place setting up shop at new way stations
littered with plastic sacks and asphalt cracks

Found among fence rows along common roadside signs
what if I make my own hand-made cardboard sign, neat and easy to read?
hoping I spell the words right: “Scared, pregnant, need money for rent”

I stare back and look away keeping my brown eyes down
I face these strangers with backward glances
I can’t see their eyes, I wonder if they see mine

Will they give me money or make me listen to why they can’t pay?
sitting up partially, I try to decide whether to walk over
a teenage driver laughs and quickly pulls away ~ “Damn, what a jerk!”

No hits for over an hour, I need a break
my car is in the parking lot
I can check on my kid and have a smoke

What if I learn to play this game?
walking over the ledge . . .
I simply go from one day to the next, begging for granted treasures

Looking up again to see a half-moon rising
nodding in agreement, one-half here and one-half not
praying out loud – “Doesn’t really matter ~ just like me!”

These roadside signs during daylight hours. . . I hope my daughter never knows!


Sunlight Paths

 Lake Ann, Bella Vista, AR
 Sunlight beams 
across Lake Ann
cosmic winds
bow over the waters
a universe of
twinkling stars
and pools of circle orbits
marking new galaxies
spinning until they disappear . . .
as stillness lays in wait
foreshadowed by
passing light
crossing over
to our door steps
rooms in
bright morning light
dancing prism rainbows
oh, my sunlight paths
a heron silently flys by
Path of Light
P4P4G4YO, Video Artist

About ░P4P4G4YO░ ~My name is Bruno. Welcome to my You-tube page.  I live in Belgium with my dog Jukai and have been blessed with two lovely daughters and two amazing grandchildren, Juju and Leelee. They are the joy of my life. I enjoy making video’s when I can . . .


Mercury Pawns

 Written for dVersePoets
This 2nd Tuesday of January 2013
Inspired by Jessica Kristie
Jessica Kristie’s NEW BOOK Barbed-Wire Butteflies
Writing Notes:
 On Sunday there was a writing prompt by @dVersePoets asking us to write on becoming adults, times of transitioning.  The prompt also referred to changes that take place in a caterpillar’s life.  I thought of the butterflies and was immediately reminded of Jessica Kristie’s work on human trafficking.  I have been wrestling with this ever sense.  I could not stop thinking.  Through dreaming, worrying and then finally working to write something down, I began my journey.  These are complex issues and critical times for all of us! Making a difference only happens when we are first aware!  

In this refugee world where we go missing
Human trafficking reduces us to slavery
We fall prey to lies
Circumstances dictate control so they say
Reducing civility into intolerance
And justice into torture
Ambushed by invisible foes
No safe place
Not for them, no, not for them
We are but mercury pawns
Dripping into the money swaps
Of greed and lust
Transformation before our eyes
As we each stand up one-by-one
Enough is enough
From green unseen
To translucent free
Open ended and split
We emerge wholly transformed
Succeeding against all odds
Anchored by others
Changed forever
Between daylight and dark
When we are crossing over
Between the safe and unsafe
As lifetimes are so easily torn
And trapped
Our innocence stolen
We are like ships
Surrounded by what frees us
And bound by what destroys us
A way exists
Of community and hope
Strength when standing together
Taking care
Making a safe place
Where we grow and flourish
No, not short changed
When looking into your eyes
I know deep in my soul,
But “by the grace of God go I”
Resource Links:
Youtube: Human Trafficking Documentary
Tampa, Florida

Announcing Jessica Kristie’s Barbed-Wire Butterflies

Barbed-Wire Butterflies by Jessica Kristie

Jessica Kristie is a published poet, author and advocate.
Published works include “Dreaming in Darkness” the winner of the 2011 Sharp Writ award and 2011 Pushcart prize nominee.  “Threads of Life” is her most recent collection of poetry and prose.  “Weekly Inspiration for Writers and Creators” a yearly companion in ebook, and “Inspiration Speaks, Volume One” a creative collaboration fostered through her advocacy for the arts, in partnership with ArtPlatform.  She has appeared in countless periodicals and has recently brought to life “Kristie & Cloverfield” a collaboration with Tom Cloverfield featuring a wonderful fusion of poetry and music, released through Ultrasonic Music Germany and available everywhere.
“Barbed-wire Butterflies” is her first novel and comes to life through Winter Goose Publishing, January 2013.  This fictional account of a young girl faced with the atrocities of human trafficking and her struggle for freedom will leave no heart un-turned. Researching the project, Jessica was compelled to add activist to her already impressive list of accolades. 
Jessica has partnered with Courage Worldwide an international non-profit organization dedicated to building homes around the world for children rescued out of sex trafficking.  Jessica will be committing 100% of all print royalties and a percentage of all digital copies and merchandise sold to this fantastic organization.
Website:             JessicaKristie.com
Facebook:           Facebook.com/jesskristie
Twitter:                twitter.com/jesskristie

Websites, Features, Articles, Reviews

Publisher’s Site:  http://wintergoosepublishing.com  book news, author page, official press release etc
Author’s Site:  http://jessicakristie.com  merchandise in support of BWB, press release, Statistics, Information, connections
Courage Worldwide:  http://courageworldwide.org  vital information, statistics, literature

Appearances & Press

Jenny Heikka receives a Barbed-Wire Butterfly: (merchandise support) http://gennyheikka.com/2012/11/barbed-wire-butterflies.html