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National Poetry Month ~ April

Where do you want to go?
Down the road ~
Just where I can roam ~

Down an open road ~ where I can hear ~
The call of the mountains
From open valleys to hills on every horizon

The call of driving underneath big blue skies
From floating down roaring rivers to stepping across streams

The call of open prairies & desserts too
From walking on board walks through marsh lands to seeing the stars over canyon walls

I want to go ~
Down the road ~
Just where I can roam ~

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National Poetry Month ~ April

National Poetry Month ~ April
Day 16#

#napowrimo #napomo #amwriting

Goods Early morning from the lakeside deck ~

We have Nana Diane, Grand Niece Madeline, Daddy Donovan and Momma Nishan visiting us from Houston!

Uncle Martin & Aunt Melissa will be over tonight.

Sending a big AR Hug to Papa Hugh too!

Love is ~
Bright and beautiful
Simple and gracious
Laughing and laughing
Again & again

We love you all!

Thank you for bringing Ms Madeline to see us here in AR! Truly a gift & a blessing!