Poetry, Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

Bear House Point

Day 6 – Sunday, Writing for April National Poetry Month with NaPoWriMo prompts.  
Today we are asked to write . . . what is outside our window.

I sit back while I watch rain falling
Here upon the first cabin, the Bear Point House
Across from our cove and on its own
A small pennisula reaching out

A most lovely house nestled into these Ozark hills
Bounded by Lake Ann and its wildlife homes
Peeking out many windows light the night
All in friendly persuassion
That all is right

Lake Ann, National Poetry Month, Poetry

A Little Haversack to Tote Your Day

photo 3
Savic Berry Tree Blossoms

Day 3 – April National Poetry Month

sweet honey sarvisberry trees
in early Spring white
suddenly dot our Ozark hillsides
down by the water’s edge

National Poetry Month

Moments Held Close

Day 2 – for National Poetry Monthphoto (42)

my morning’s rise
a muted sun sits behind a humid sky
I gently and slowly glide

into the warm spring air
walking out along the Ozark ridge
a rich pagent of nature in prime-time

new jewels of golden crowns
play hide-n-seek down
by the woodland trees

high in the tree tops
squirrels play an extreme game of tag
even sleepy-eyed pops

two neighborly ravens mightly fly
through the cove
awakening predestined May flies

with promises of warm spring air
in the ease of close moments held
I find me in my nesting chair