Wars Amid Wars

Who are we together
Who are the dying children
Who do we take care of

What if we pray an unceasing prayer
What if we embrace love and peace
What does history say

Where there is grief and tears
Where there is disaster and devastation
Where there is death and nothing but ruins

Why are we here again and again
Why do we fear and blame
Why do we judge others so harshly

When do we move from the heart
When do you say enough is enough
When do we let go of the fear and pain

How are we getting to a better place
How are we still so divided
How are we choosing our answers

My Arkansas Rain

imageGood summer morning from the lakeside deck ~

I am blessed this August day ~

This morning
I’m sitting out with my Arkansas rain
Oh there’s nothing quiet like it
In the whole-wide world
Soft and soaking the parched dry earth
Holding the heat at bay
Refreshing the mountain air all new

I look out over these Ozark Mountains
And feel how really old they are
I feel it down deep in my bones
I’m surrounded by earlier times
Where life was much simpler then
And times were cherished
Together in heart and home

From up here
Things just look different
The world is a million miles
Away from here

I’m walking on these time worn paths
And follow them deep into the woods
I lose myself in the moment
As time stops for me ~

I sit under tender branches
While shadows dance into a sun beam
I sit and play awhile
With sticks and stones and leaves
Making a little kitchen
And a place to sit down
Underneath these protective arms
Forever cherished and forever loved



Morning Light

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

We had rains over the past two days and this morning it is a clear sky day with gentle breezes & a cool 69 degrees.  Just the perfect weather for sitting outside!

May you take some time today to make a special moment for you and the ones you love.

My writing this morning ~

First morning’s light

There is nothing quite as soft ~

Like a small butterfly’s

Good morning kiss

Day breaks into song

I sit wrapped in

The arms of mighty oaks

Underneath translucent lime green leaves

Backlit by an eastern sky ~

Incredible thankfulness passes over me

Now I can breathe again!

In July

This early Ozark morning

80 degree summer air is heavy

with laden humidity

it sits beside me

and forces a deep exhale

High upon on a hill

overlooking Lake Ann

thin gentle breezes

travel through

this open wooden deck

I gaze out over the ridge

to hold the light in a moment

in peace and calm

and I say, Oh my

what a glorious day ~

how can I not walk in joy!

From the Inside Out

I come to be with God’s gifts

I lay bare beside the wild

To feel God’s presence

To learn from the blue heron ~

Flying through the cove

To see small golden finches ~

Feeding on thistle seeds

To hear the morning Ravens call ~

Calling to their mate

To smell the honeysuckle vine ~

 Lacing through the hollow

To know in my heart ~

The care & grace of God

To provide all we really need

Home on Lake Ann

Good morning from the lakeside deck~

My morning writing ~

As the old deck fan moves it’s wooden blades

gentle air becomes part of my day

in-between the noisy wood wrens and

delightful chickadees

with distant sweet calls of a lone pine warbler

the day settles into my heart ~

My eye catches a fleeting movement

as two silent blue herons fly side-by-side

over the dock below ~

I raise my head

and watch reflections of Lake Ann’s ridge

standing in historic limestone bluffs

spill over into Bear Point’s cove

as slender waves in greens and blues

like a moving mosaic painting

of Monet’s water gardens ~ ~ ~

Out through the woodland pinion oaks

I can see a family of Canadian geese

gracefully glide over still lake waters

heading east toward the rising sun ~ ~ ~

A heartfelt grace

wraps around my shoulders

calm sweet air

brushes against my cheek ~

Indeed it is in moments just like these

that we understand why our precious

Ozarks are so beloved!