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Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck

This Sunday morning — It’s a cold winter day but morning sunshine gives way to my day. I reflect upon my reading in Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham, “That in every moment there is a new chance to begin again.”

That we can choose to make a new choice~ this is truly one of God’s greatest miracles which touches each & every one of us, every single day and with every breath we take! Blessed!

My writing today —

A Winter Morning
Blue skies and winter sunshine
moves me forward
as I sit here framed in light
bathed in morning warmth
as full glass windows hold out the cold
while also holding all of Lake Ann’s Bear Cove

a blanket of diamond sparkles lightup the waters
moving in quick-time across the lake — seemingly, forever moving towards me
in such a delightful dance
pulling me
straight up to
blue skies,
my spirit rises

and I standing bare,
stark and naked
pale, against a winter sunshine

if for only a moment
free . . .


Imagine Earth Free Again

God’s green earth
crystal blue skies, air & water
teaming life
Earth, one lone blue planet~

Sacred rights
Fragil life
riding high on monarch fly-ways
Finding butterfly wings
with no home to go to
Mountain tops bull dozed off
Earth protectors gone missing

Sacred life
once revered and kept
tossed away with abandon
Out of sight out of mind
In an instant it seems
Alarm ~
A canary in a coal mine?
~ now gone ~
Do we even notice?

No purity of water, air or land
Plastics choke the oceans
Toxins invade waterways
Poisons strip lands
Species after species dying
Yet ~ we act as if ~
we are not to blame?
can we change it?

threshold ~ a tipping point of no return ~

journey ~ surely meant to make ~

Guardians of God’s green earth
unbelievable beauty
care-givers of this gracious gift!

Human kind
responsible for each other
Called to be stewards of this life

Protecting air, water & land that makes life here even possible

Will we work together to solve extreme environmental problems facing our world before it is too late?

Will we step toward our journey ~ doing what it will take to change the course?

To preserve earth for future generations ~

What will our children find?
How will our children survive?
Will they inherit a legacy of care or abandonment?

Can we imagine?
Can we imagine our future?
Can we imagine earth free again?


Up on an Ozark Hillside

Up on an
I live high
in the tree tops

where green meets the sky

And Earth’s

as lavender

t r a v e l s … t h r o u g h

on its way


And I nestled

w r a p p e d
a r o u n d
m y
s h o u l d e r s

in Maude’s old
p a t . c h
w o . r k
q . u i l t


Living A Life

Seldom do we see
by ouselves
what we need
or through
an uncut path
way forward ~

to find
what truly matters
to us

on our actions
change the course
of our days
and the
journey we walk

we have each
new day
begin again

To change
To grow
To become our

better selves

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Good morning from the lakeside deck –

Moments catches the morning dew
sunlight streams through
my eyes see
dawn floating through
the close knitted trees
winds hushed by window panes
and shadows casting its touch
outlining my hands as I write
something inside
pointing the way
to say . . . I see
it’s gone


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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

God speed today’s fallen heroes everyone!

Morning writing ~

Short form haiku 3/5/3
quick silver
pools reflect light moves
water flow

grey on grey
blue heron glides low
shadows fly

summer green
waves upon light waves

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What would you do?

I’m putting together an art exhibit of my poetry & photography. Do you have a favorite poem or photo of mine that you love? Which ones would you recommend to be published for my upcoming first book of poems?

Appreciate your feedback ~ and if you want a favorite poem let me know.

Thank you!

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National Poetry Month – day #3 #NaPoWriMo

This new day
Rejoicing blue skies and brightly color greens
Opening spring blossoms dotting hillsides
In every way

Up high in the tall pine stand
Where winds blow gusty and loud
A lone yellow pine warbler sings
His own spring song

Where the day moon resides
Sitting higher – above the tree line
Like a hanging white lantern
A shadow’s home

Underneath Lake Ann’s pine canopy
Brown needles abound
Found among native pink redbuds
“service” and white dogwood blooms

Where I sit on my porch
There is such a southern breeze
Barely there — visiting from the ground level
Always just coming and going

Grey squirrels run
Right next door to red cardinals, grey titmouses,
Gold finches, red-patched downy woodpeckers, and black-capped chickadees
Perched on low branches – each awaiting their bird feeder turn

Where this year’s garden Bella Vista Daffodils
Are all decked out for show
With full heads of white and gold
Moving to and fro – in bright new springtime smiles

Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month ~ day 2 #napowrimo

This morning

I step outside into my beloved Ozark mountains

Along trails that follow the hollows and mountain ridges

A gift of multiple sunrises as I walk across the fields

I find diamonds among the fields of dew


THANK YOU~ The Patinkc Daily Online Missouri News Magazine!

PHOTOS from the morning’s walk
Out and about ~ Roaming these Ozark Hills around Hidden Springs

Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month ~day 1 #napowrimo

Good morning from the Lakeside deck – – –

I step outside
In a cool morning breeze
I look up
And behind me
I see clear blue skies overhead
I watch in front of me
As low soft gray clouds cover a
Foggy Lake Ann morning
All along the quays
A heavy fog settles in
Canadian geese fly over the cove
I only hear their loud calls
As they touch me through the fog
A hushed circle sun
Traces through the fog
Lifting light upwards
Over Ozark hillsides
It’s brand new
A Spring morning
But still cool from night rain
Lake waters close to shore
Turn a soft pewter grey
Laying perfectly still
As fog moves away
Sitting right on water tops
No shadows found anywhere
Although I can see
Where to walk along the side path
I cannot see the turns
Or direction that I’m going

Faith is like this ~