Shadowleaves on Lake Ann

Poetry is everywhere!


I am a retired public school science teacher and a very new poet! I live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains on Lake Ann in Bella Vista, AR. This natural setting has inspired my writings as well as my ongoing recovery with my personal health struggles including heart disease and Lupus. I only mention my health as it has been life changing for me and changed my life significantly.
After we moved back to Arkansas, my sister, Katy, and brother, Mickey, passed away just six months apart. This began one of my most difficult times in my life and it has become a personal journey back to finding joy each and every day.
Through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, I have met poets from all over the world! By discovering and writing poetry, it has truly opened a new chapter in my life and shown me once again that beauty is always with us each and every single day, if we just take time to see what is ordinarily invisible!

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What People Say

“Wow! What a plethora of thoughts you put on the page. I could almost see and feel your birds, the damp air from the water. Wonder and wander–what great words to explore.”

Pat Lester

“Sometimes I think that you write directly from my own heart. Thank you for sharing my feelings.”

Cj Jones

“Strength is so often seen as something else than it is. Your poem reminds me of the way a willow bends with the wind but doesn’t break.”

Bjorn Brudberg

“Pink lace and pink pillow tops.”. There are sweet sounds to these words. I can feel the airy, light footed feelings of the writing of this one. Delightful!”

Bj Tassin

Poetry is everywhere!


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