Mighty Fortress

Thunderstorms went through
We are like a mighty tree
Rain drops slip from leaves



The bluebirds are out and about
Visting and singing their morning songs
With singular delight

I submerge myself into my day
Feeling the warmth of summer
And heavy moist air surrounds me
Holding me deeply close
Held here at this very moment
Then taken to another place
Offering ~
Lake Ann’s waters flow in gentle waves
Reaching the shore lines
Yet the summer air is still & calm
Time moves on

The miracle of this world
Is that we do get a new morning
Each of our days


April National Poetry Month ~ day eighteen #napowrimo #napomo ~ Moon Shadows

toils and
follow us like the moon
You can see him over there
sitting on your shoulder
And his shadow
grows extra longer
But then
your heart stops!

You just thought
you had more time
You can’t go no further
Hard luck strikes ~
This is it!
It’s over!
There is no more ~
It’s the end!

And then …
by some miracle
a reprieve
is granted
While you recover
Your body becomes slow and weighted down
in trying out the living again
like freedom forgotten
becomes paramount

No staggering steps here
No unwashed hair
No night pj’s to spare
Yes, I’m up
I’m dressed
Take me somewhere

How about a big steak?
That should really help right?
Protein for healing right?
And sure anything
that will help me feel
alive again

It’s no ones fault
except the moon’s
Take me to a place of my forgotten memories
Where conversations are free
Where people get to see each other
Where people can shake your hand
and ask how you are?
Where people take time to live
a little
In all that living
they do so well

Yep, you can take me there ~


April National Poetry Month ~ day sixteen ~Peace

To guide our feet into the ways of peace . . . 
Easter Sunday

walking alongside

the forested undergrowth 

deep among the floor litter

lays the flowering ginseng

pitcher fungi & morel mushrooms

then rising underneath tree tops

patches of unsung may apples 

now flowering

hidden underneath umbrella leaves

white blossoms 

now rising

God is . . .

peace walking with you

peace surrounding you

peace within you


April National Poetry Month ~ day eleven #napowrimo #napomo

When all else matters and standards are applied 

It’s page 109 somewhere

Remember, It is by golly ~How we find our way

Work    work     work

When all else fails

– as Maude would say – Work

You can find your way back

If you pick up your feet and walk

Travel your path well

My dear brother