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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

emerging sun lights up the sky

colors are a’changing

on its way up to shine

streaming across the woodlands

rising before it’s really known

moving from blues to golds

Oh~ the glory shines

as some traveler

stopping by

but not yet really staying

morning light moves downward into the hallows

filling the mighty earth’s shadowy ground

such a soft gentle light

and the air

is summertime warm

sometimes I find

it’s hope talking to me

morning rising

#Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck, #Lake Ann, #Nature, #Summer, #Winter, Covid-19, Fearless Writing, Journal Writing, Joy, Ozarks, Poetry, Shadowleaves

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~


I sit high in a tree stand

if I was a child again

I would climb these old tree limbs

and never tire of being here

now I am old

as I sit here on my redwood deck

up high in the trees ~ so high

I can touch the sky

#Winter, Covid-19, Journal Writing, National Poetry Month, Poetry, Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

Pandemic Hair NaPoWriMo Day 27

Pandemic Hair

Pandemic hair, what the hell?
Forty-three days of staying home
Who can stand this anymore?
My grey hair has grown so long
It’s unthinkable
I look like someone in a depression era photograph
Held captive
I got to cut this
Garden shears or paper cutter
Take it off

#Winter, Journal Writing, National Poetry Month, Ozarks, Poetry, Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

Night Skies April National Poetry Month Day 21

Night Skies

Standing in the night void
Empty Black Oak and Hickory trees lean in
Lyrids Meteor Showers arrive in April’s clear night skies
Lighting up the sky along with our next door neighbors
Neptune, Mars and Venus
And the Man in the Moon exits now
As he fades into the new moon
Dark, but all still here!

#Winter, Covid-19, National Poetry Month, Poetry, Written for NaPoWriMo

Finding Meaning Day 13

It’s mighty cold today, down to 34 last night. At least it didn’t freeze!
We have had such a beautiful spring this year with dogwoods now in full bloom.
Again listening to CNN news and MSNBC for Covid-19 updates. Knowing that we are still safe for today. Thankful for all those first responders who are placing their lives on the line for us so that we might have the chance to more life. Life is precious.

What we lay down between us
As we endeavor through these days
Will become our legacy
And our strength
Moving forward once agin
Day by day

#Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck, #Lake Ann, #Nature, #Prayer, #Winter, Journal Writing, Joy, Loving Spirit, Ozarks, Poetry

Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck

This Sunday morning — It’s a cold winter day but morning sunshine gives way to my day. I reflect upon my reading in Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham, “That in every moment there is a new chance to begin again.”

That we can choose to make a new choice~ this is truly one of God’s greatest miracles which touches each & every one of us, every single day and with every breath we take! Blessed!

My writing today —

A Winter Morning
Blue skies and winter sunshine
moves me forward
as I sit here framed in light
bathed in morning warmth
as full glass windows hold out the cold
while also holding all of Lake Ann’s Bear Cove

a blanket of diamond sparkles lightup the waters
moving in quick-time across the lake — seemingly, forever moving towards me
in such a delightful dance
pulling me
straight up to
blue skies,
my spirit rises

and I standing bare,
stark and naked
pale, against a winter sunshine

if for only a moment
free . . .


Imagine Earth Free Again

God’s green earth
crystal blue skies, air & water
teaming life
Earth, one lone blue planet~

Sacred rights
Fragil life
riding high on monarch fly-ways
Finding butterfly wings
with no home to go to
Mountain tops bull dozed off
Earth protectors gone missing

Sacred life
once revered and kept
tossed away with abandon
Out of sight out of mind
In an instant it seems
Alarm ~
A canary in a coal mine?
~ now gone ~
Do we even notice?

No purity of water, air or land
Plastics choke the oceans
Toxins invade waterways
Poisons strip lands
Species after species dying
Yet ~ we act as if ~
we are not to blame?
can we change it?

threshold ~ a tipping point of no return ~

journey ~ surely meant to make ~

Guardians of God’s green earth
unbelievable beauty
care-givers of this gracious gift!

Human kind
responsible for each other
Called to be stewards of this life

Protecting air, water & land that makes life here even possible

Will we work together to solve extreme environmental problems facing our world before it is too late?

Will we step toward our journey ~ doing what it will take to change the course?

To preserve earth for future generations ~

What will our children find?
How will our children survive?
Will they inherit a legacy of care or abandonment?

Can we imagine?
Can we imagine our future?
Can we imagine earth free again?


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Good morning here from Lake Ann and where we have cloudy skies with warming temperatures ~ oh, how spring is trying to show us her face before her time.

A kind reprieve for us ~ where we can feel the warmth of spring to come and finally warm up, down into our aching bones! ~maybe we should call it a Leprechaun Spring?

My husband and I have lived here, along this glorious Ozark ridge, on a high hill overlooking beautiful Lake Ann ~ as I am counting now, for 4,915 ever changing days and 55 ever changing seasons.

Our Arkansas home has four distinct seasons in a year with each season being about three months long. In February, I know we are in the last month of our winter. However, we can get snow sometimes in the early part of a March spring.

This view is forever ~ ever changing ~ it is really never the same view from day-to-day or from hour-to-hour!

Always ~ amazing how simple life really is ~ when we take time to stop and see the small things . . .

My morning write ~

What can I see and sing out-loud?

I try to hear a new melody in my heart~

Looking over the water and off to the eastern limestone bluff

great wind fans spark off of Bear’s Point

and far away sounds are truly of only one-lone-old-dog barking

red birds flutter through winter evergreen branches

and out on my old-time rustic porch
a hanging wind chime plays in full melody

all remaining fall oak leaves ~ who have certainly stayed way past their due ~ still rustle in the winds

near, a groundhog moves down hill towards his home
plowing through a ladden hillside covered in a two-foot deep
mighty oak and hickory leaf fall

a male bald eagle flys straight over the main channel
out towards the dam site

glorious views
a single day
a single moment ~
until now!


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Wishing you could be here in full sunshine and lakeside sparkles!

Oh, my and what a glorious day it is! Even though it’s brrrr cold outside, it’s warmth is quick to warm my bones and heart!

Blessings for this day!

Morning writing ~

fighting off
whispers of late night
lift thy face

heart warmth sun
even in cold days

still comfort
renewing spirit
soft blessings