I wanted to give you each something today ~ so I thought about writing one of my regular morning poems to you!

To the Village Lake Writers & Poets
Of Bella Vista:

Awakening this morning ~
I find hope again
Seeing full sunshine glistening over beautiful Lake Ann
As I become part of where I live

Immersed into my day

For in this moment ~
You are there
And I am here
Still we are together
Sharing in
Our common humanity
Existence and history

We write
We talk through our words
We walk through time and place

Go outside ~
Let your imagination soar
Step through an open door
Walk down a garden path
Cross a busy street corner

Be at the moment of sunrise
or sit by a campfire
or underneath your favorite tree

A story needs to be held
Shaped into existence
Offered to be told

Sometimes do consider this ~
How would my story sound in the company of the wildness
among the concert of trees?
Go ahead and
Read it right out loud!

Stories are truly gifts
To find the humanity in each other

Stories ask us
To be a part of its texture
To sit with it next
To read it ~ to enjoy!

Stories become a part of who we are . . .

As we share our stories we are invited into new relationships and building stronger communities where we can better understand our place in this precious world.

Thank you for always sharing your stories with me! Joanie