Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

As I sit out on my deck this morning, I realize I need to keep my eyes and ears open to even see what is right in front of me!

We can miss so much in the moments of living. Too easily, we pay attention to our phones, read posts from social media and listen to the news steaming over the TV that we can actually miss our morning!

Time slips away and our morning and is gone before we can even get started. Careful as I go! Focus!

My morning writing ~

a morning sanctuary sits
in front of me
I touch earth and sky
here ~ where life meets the shore
shouting out glory to this day
as grace and beauty tumbles
into my heart
I listen closely and
watch miracuously to see

how can I not
but stop and stand
in pure awe
of this ~

open wide
these shutters and doors

open wide
this earthly hearth

open wide
my kitchen table

as I gather
all I can!


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Then It Was Gone

A marching band came by
this morning
in stark white uniforms
~ floating by ~
even steps throughout
left to right
in the middle and centered squared
marching all the way down the cove

I saw their feathered hats
tipped back
in great salutes
to the bright blue skies above
as they passed
right by
in front of the grand
viewing stands

I heard their last
music playing
as they trailed
out of sight and sound
on their way south
to join in
just another
popup parade


Katie Hold the Door Open!

These grey grey days

And raining skies with forever clouds

Have left everything so desperate for color

Not even the thin slips of silver

At the end of old winter branches

Can dispel my downs & outs

For the day

I sit and watch observing outside my window

Smallness seen in too many details

Like two chickadees kissing

No lie ~ they were sitting side-by-side

A simple moment between moments

Found at the waters edge

Really this is true ~

Nothing ever looks good in grey except blue

So I wait for the afternoon to come close

Weather forecast says clouds will depart

And some blue sky and sun will break out

I have opened the gates and thrown away the keys

Mercy ~ make it happen now!


I can hear the pine trees talk

Once upon a time
There was a moon
Who sat high in the tops of
His favorite pines

I stood underneath
And looked straight up
My head and neck aligned
I closed my eyes
And listened ~so very closely

I could hear the pine trees talk
Where winds blew
And rivers crossed
And stories be told
Over the land and sky
To my home

I looked up to find my new friend
Playing in the pines
And right beside him sat
Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

His name
Was Mr. Crow Moon
And he was playing rolling jacks ~
Eggs in the Basket, Toad in the Hole
Fivestones and even Onesies
With his new friend, called Boo
Who was a star by choice, you know?
His home is far away, of course
Built in the constellation ~Bootes
Which stayed posted near by

But I could still see them
Playing together
Sitting frog-legged
Bouncing planets and then
Tossing star points high in the sky

Now I don’t even know
Who ever won a single game
But no matter what time ~
And every time
I stepped out my door
Or looked out my window
I would try to find Mr. Crow Moon
Hiding high in the tree tops ~
Of now, my favorite pines