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Daisy Heartfields

Daisy Photo

Inspired by my dear friend’s request, sending prayers and love for Donna Hanson. — for the child within us all . . .

a long summer’s day
lingers along side deep blue morning glories
opening along a long fence row
reminding us how time slows down and offers renewal
-where distant thunder booms
and casts lightening strikes
over standing fields of radiant whites
and golden yellow blooms
_where we see their smiling faces
gracefully gathering as if for afternoon tea
_ where silence is unhurried
and counted in all the inbetween and unseen times
_where daisy meadows remain even on the highest mountain tops
celebrating their rebirth each day
like saying, “love this day, wherever you are, for you!”
_where the slow motion of day’s afternoon light
can gently fade into an evening glow
_where moon shadows and firefly lights
sprinkle love onto a simple daisy bouquet

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A Little KFC Goes A Mighty Long Way NaPoWriMo Day 26

A Little KFC Goes A Mighty Long Way

I’m off on a roaming road trip
Meeting a dear friend at an interstate exit
A parking-lot meetup during the covid days
Order’s up
Going through the KFC drive through
Grabbing our boxes of original chicken
One breast and two chicken wings
And sides of mashpotatoes and cole slaw
Don’t forget grandmas’ biscuits
Fried chicken smells fills the car
I can’t wait!
Each in our own cars
Underneath some shade trees in the middle of the parking lot
We set up shop
Red and blue camp chairs six feet apart
Greeting each other with loud cheers
But no embrace
We are under covid rules these days
We welcome the reprive
Opening our KFC boxes we exclaim
“My what a difference a little KFC makes!”
We devour our chicken and sides, biscuit and cookies
Down to the very last morsel
Leaving but a few crumbs on the pavement for the birds

Covid-19, Friendship, Poetry, Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

Can you hear me now? Day 3

April 3, National Poetry Month

Red rover, red rover
Won’t you let Cindy come over?
Hear we are
You, on your porch in a face scarf
And a twinkle in your eye
And me carrying my blue chair
Sitting six feet away
As you hold up your white board
Written in bold letters . . . Can you hear me now?
We laugh and laugh
Oh, the laughter of a friend!

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Empty Chairs

Empty chairs…
Sit on an empty garden deck,
Shadowed tall by the wild cherry tree.
A hidden garden, private from all,
But the birds, insects, squirrels and me.
The only conversation I hear….
A faint train whistle drawing near,
The distant murmur of city traffic,
And the drone of insects in the night.

Bright shines the swollen moon.
I’m thinking you will be here soon.
But no, not tonight or tomorrow…
There are just a few days to borrow.
You have other roads to take,
Other commitments to make.
I only feel a quiet sorrow.

Empty chairs…
Purchased for sharing morning sun and moonlit moments…
I feel the cool breeze fill the empty space…
A remembered scent of you is just a trace.
And in my mind, I see you there,
In the moon shadows of this night…
But there are only empty chairs and empty air.

by Donabelle Leecraft

#Prayer, Family, Friendship, Grace, Joy, Loving Spirit, Poetry

Live Bravely


photo (46) brave

Set yourself free
Let go of hurt
Are a loving spirit

You are called
To live and to grow
To love others
To walk this life’s journey
With joy and happiness

You are still you
Accept who you are
Embrace your inner self
Change is a part of the journey
And let yourself be happy

You are a gift to others
Don’t loose years by
Focusing on the past
Or hurt or disappointments
Forgive yourself and others

Rise above what limits you
Step into your future
And live now
With a happy heart

God is
And always will be
A part of who you are
He is with you
He walks with you side-by-side

You are truly never alone
Listen for the divine
You are indeed held by
His loving spirit
Always and forever