Due to my health, I am announcing my retirement as the Director of the Village Lake Writers & Poets. Donna Hanson, President; Gail Cowdin, Secretary; and Charity Bradford, Treasurer, will be our new officers. In addition, Nancy Noyes has volunteered to be the VLWP Historian. Also, Linda Hughes, Sara Parnell, Helen Hurst, Liaison to Dug Hill Cemetery Association, and I will continue to serve on the Village Lake Writers & Poets’ Board of Directors.
I have complete confidence in our new officers and directors, as well as in their leadership and dedication to the Village Lake Writers & Poets! I know they will work diligently to build a more vital organization.
The Village Lake Writers & Poets’ mission will continue to support and promote writers, authors, poets, and artists of all ages. This caring writers’ community could only have occurred in our wonderful Bella Vista. Thank you, Bella Vista, for always welcoming us with open arms!
I look forward to this exciting new chapter and will undoubtedly help when possible. I hope you will join us in building a premier writers’ organization for Northwest Arkansas!
Thank you,
Joan Barrett Roberts, Founder
Village Lake Writers & Poets
Joanie Roberts, Poet
Shadowleaves On Lake Ann
“Everyone has a story to share!” Joanie