Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Good morning!

Starting my day by Lake Ann ~ blessings for this wonderful Saturday!

I start the day out on my deck which overlooks Lake ANN ~ surrounded by hillsides all about.

Hummingbirds are already up and at it chasing each other through the high trees over to their treehouse feeder.

I touch the earth and sky here ~
My morning writing ~

grey white blue
unmasking the sky
sunshine flows

shaped by lakeside hills
living under a sky dome
I touch threads of blue

morning rise prayers
I’m held in a blue sky cup
my worries let go

Lake Ann, Nature, Ozarks, Poetry, Summer


I live underneath a tree skylight

In a wonderland of woodland trees

Where spring waters flow into beautiful lakes

With ease and peaceful mornings

I touch the sky

Quickened sounds of birds & critters

Fill every crevice down sloping hillsides

Telling of safe maneuvers through rock & tree

With hope and comfort for coming days

I touch the earth



Step out into the sky …

Lash it around you

And hold it close

Swinging it to and fro

As you drop straight over

The White River bottom bridge …

Carrying the mighty sky with you

Listen to the meadow larks

As you watch

Giant double winged dragonflies

Fly through triple-wired fences

Strap summertime’s heavy sun

Next to you

As the wind carries you

And descends

Through tall grass rushes

Blowing along

Old Red Bird fields

Ride the Bright Blue Sky and

Fly the heavy Tossed Hot Summer winds

Traveling down country roads

Lite on sweet sunflowers & thistle blooms

As you make this

a most






Living In Light

Writing for the National Haiku Month of February /


walking on

push and pull to close

give spare change #

sacred pause

asking god to stay

for you too #

Inspired by Reverend Pamela Cicioni passing along Mother Teresa’s words ~

There is a Light in this World, A Healing Spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter…

We sometimes lose sight of this force where there is suffering, too much pain…

Then suddenly the Spirit will emerge through the Lives of Ordinary People…

Who hear the call and answer in Extraordinary ways!!!

-Mother Teresa-


Good morning from the lakeside deck . .

Today, I was greeted by a friend with her daily message of hope and loved her message of Letting Go . . . and Letting God. I hold this prayer today.

I have written about Arkansas Rain many time before trying to capture the beauty and the feelings it conjures up deep inside me, stirring the heart. Somewhere, somehow to me it resounds the gentleness of life and how we are all connected to this sacred earth and how precious this world really is.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of my Arkansas rain! This type of rain doesn’t come very often, this gentle rain, but when it does, I hope you will recognize it.

Once again
It’s barely raining
This Arkansas gentle
Sheltering rain

Rain drops
Falling from leaf to leaf
And covering all of God’s green earth

Even you
As you hold out your hands
Rain begins to fall
Into the cup of your hand
And then slips through your finger tips

Oh so, gentle
And soothing
Like time held close
And then leaving
As a friend


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Ozark Mountains sit between
Appalachian and Rocky Mountains
Up on high Ozark Mountains and Springfield Plateaus
Among Boston and Ouachitas Mountains
Here – where heat waves roam free

We Barrett kids used to go with
Mom and dad on Sunday drives
Over to Eureka Springs, Ozark and Petit Jean in the Ozarks or
Down the Talimena Drive in the Ouachitas
To Poteau, Heavner and Broken Bow

In the dog days of high summer
We would catch daily showers
Up in the mountains
Dark storm clouds would chase us
Over the mountain passes
We knew they wouldn't last long
So we could go back swimming again
Before we would have to go home

We called them
Mountain showers
Car wash showers
Pop up showers
Cooling us down just enough
Building up from the day's afternoon heat
When the mountain showers hit
We could get wet and cool off
Just what God ordered
We knew the storms would be short and Not last long and be a'passing through
On their way to be quickly gone
The clouds would chase the sky
Until the sun went down

Near sunset
We drove back home
Back to the flat oil patch lands
Katy and I
Climbed into the back window seat
Of Dad's 1954 Silver Buick
Laying underneath a clear sky
Full of midnight stars
Knowing we would be back soon
To make another Sunday Ozark Drive


High Summertime

There is something about the Dog Days of Summer that talks about why I love this time. . .

Heat so hot you're driven indoors
by ten o'clock
But you make it outside anyway
To stand underneath an old shade tree
Where cicadas sing and
Crispy brown shells are easily picked off Low hanging branches and
You stay there waiting for a hot breeze
You know it's high summertime

You stand with hot sand
Between your toes
And in your other hand
An iced cold lemonade
While Gramma beads line your neck and
Water drips down your front
Leaving a trail behind
But you really don't mind
Because it feels so good
You know it's high summertime

A hard bright sun bears down on you
And causes sweat to run
You take shelter on your front porch
And make provisions for ice
Ice on trays
Ice wrapped in wet towels and
Laying them on the floor in front of
Two Oscillating fans
Then you ice your feet anyway
You know it's high summertime


Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck

There is nothing like a brand new day
As the sun first rises
It is as gentle as the dawn
Bathing light over the land

Morning sun peeps its head up
And sits for awhile right on top of the mountain ridge
When from across the far cove
Soft pink light dances on mighty limestone bluffs

Sunlight pours out onto the water
Starting its new day's journey
Spreading like rain across the placid lake

Meeting sunlight's warmth
Cold Ozark spring waters flow into Lake Ann
Creating small new waves everywhere
Rising once again at dawn's edge

Nature's abounding beauty
Surrounds me
Pinks become golds
Sunlight meets the world
And become one