Daisy Photo

Inspired by my dear friend’s request, sending prayers and love for Donna Hanson. — for the child within us all . . .

a long summer’s day
lingers along side deep blue morning glories
opening along a long fence row
reminding us how time slows down and offers renewal
-where distant thunder booms
and casts lightening strikes
over standing fields of radiant whites
and golden yellow blooms
_where we see their smiling faces
gracefully gathering as if for afternoon tea
_ where silence is unhurried
and counted in all the inbetween and unseen times
_where daisy meadows remain even on the highest mountain tops
celebrating their rebirth each day
like saying, “love this day, wherever you are, for you!”
_where the slow motion of day’s afternoon light
can gently fade into an evening glow
_where moon shadows and firefly lights
sprinkle love onto a simple daisy bouquet