A Little KFC Goes A Mighty Long Way

I’m off on a roaming road trip
Meeting a dear friend at an interstate exit
A parking-lot meetup during the covid days
Order’s up
Going through the KFC drive through
Grabbing our boxes of original chicken
One breast and two chicken wings
And sides of mashpotatoes and cole slaw
Don’t forget grandmas’ biscuits
Fried chicken smells fills the car
I can’t wait!
Each in our own cars
Underneath some shade trees in the middle of the parking lot
We set up shop
Red and blue camp chairs six feet apart
Greeting each other with loud cheers
But no embrace
We are under covid rules these days
We welcome the reprive
Opening our KFC boxes we exclaim
“My what a difference a little KFC makes!”
We devour our chicken and sides, biscuit and cookies
Down to the very last morsel
Leaving but a few crumbs on the pavement for the birds