I Travel Open Roads

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This 3rd Tuesday of February
Driving the open roads through Southern Arkansas
i rise to touch a banded sky
i travel unknown roads
open and free
to find the spark
the light
the sound
held by this life
i glide upon sky winds
i meet easy talk along the way
i fill up with gasoline
pennies counted out 
and paid
for this unplanned stop
along the way
the biggest part of my day
traveling from here to there
under the stars
and a coyote’s song
held by a blinded mind
but eyes and ears
that still see


Earth’s Cold Cup

Vincent Starry Starry Night by Don McLean
YouTube September 23, 2006
frosted winter night
i walk these Ozark woods
under a starry blanket
and the twinkle of a million stars
hand-stitched like some unknown galaxy
a breath of frozen air
echoed back in vapors
the smell of a hundred wood fires
held in earth’s cold cup
i touch life


Skywinds II

opens a plume of light
unfolding over waters
sheer moments in delight
silver threads
hook the sky
patch work fields crises-cross
only making
its way to my way station
and all the while
upon this earth
for the mighty sky
Oh, how I watch this morning’s light
over these stone cold grey waters
to begin new again!

A Polaroid Memory

it must be a polaroid
cumulus clouds framed in silver
memories of you

Using creative photography for my inspiration, I have chosen to write on “my memories of you” . .
(completed from an earlier post, Sept.27, 2012)
Childhood memories sparkle like a kaleidoscope
Uneven fragments glimpses of days gone by
Born in 1950s and raised in a small home town
An Oklahoman ‘oil boom’ town
With WPA sidewalk sales and downtown stores
The Barrett Clan shared childhood years
And never wanted to grow up . .

I remember —
One day the sky was a beautiful blue with summer cumulus clouds
I was alone and probably about five years old,
Standing in the drive way
I looked up to the sky
I saw a hawk or eagle fly overhead
Such a “giant” bird as this could swoop down
And carry me away . .

I remember —
My grandma Ford
who kept peppermint candies
in her apron pocket
handed us one
when no one was looking!

baking sugar cookies with Katy and I
rolling out the dough
and getting flour over everything in site!

my grand mother playing outside with us
underneath the morning glory vines
looking up through the apple tree leaves
at the summer’s blue sky!

I remember —
playing hide-n-seek, chase, tag
kick the can & red rover red rover
jump rope & hopscotch underneath the carport
tennis at the high school court
backyard basketball & front yard football
school, jacks & rubber band gun wars
indian and cowboys and hanging jail thieves
and annie over with the boys!

I remember —
momma giving us girls all different kinds of things
from her kitchen
pots, pans, skillets & muffin pans
spoons, scoops and rolling pins
buckets for our water
red beans, pinto beans, black eye peas
rice, spaghetti and for our pie ingredients
we could take them outside in jars
making a thousand trips
and then cooked up a storm
mixing and making up our wonderful mud pies
and then cooking them
baking them in the sun on our concrete cellar!


Saturn Rising

I walk these woods
so often

Looking for my love
in February’s moonlight
please call my name once more

Hey you there
sitting on a crescent moon
melting away this night
walking along the frozen horizon

Days passing
letting go of the night
and I shadow dancing

Spending time with you
just before Saturn rises
before the winter’s dawn

I know it’s real love
but I only know
because you told me so

My love
hold me close
don’t ever let me go

I walk these woods
so often

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I Walk These Hills

I walk upon these Ozark hills
I dream of a long summer day
far from this winter’s cell

I walk among giant chinquapin oaks
I listen for sounds of water falls
and the lone call from a pileated woodpecker

I walk along Lake Ann’s Bear Cove
I see a great blue heron take wing
and a half-submerged red-eared terrapin
slide into the blue-green waters

I watch in awe
a cloudless yellow butterfly’s landing
in sweet thistle and milk weed

I look for apple orchards
roadside fruit stands
and fresh ripe peaches to eat

I stand and watch an eagle glide
upon the sky winds
and see the day moon held in blue

I walk among wishing wells
fireflies and honey combs
I walk upon these Ozark hills

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A Winter’s Song

Written for @dVersePoets #OpenLinkNight

This First Tuesday of February
February 5, 2013

Winter Song – Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson- Music Video

Light’s sunglow glistening tip tops of winter oaks lay like grey silver hair
Toupee’s streaming down like wild hair of old men roaming the snowy tree line
Shadows climb the hills just beneath open canopies of black night
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam before the months depart!
The only brown found is the dirt from the earth shown momentarily by a passing cloud
Hidden upon this earth except for the mighty blue sky winter’s bare limbs
Sudden dots of green pine ladies surrounded by dancing bare chested men held in a chorus line
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam too soon before the season parts!
Dance cards punched by the day’s waltzing ladies in the sky’s fair-weather clouds
Marsh mellow puffs twirling skirts adorn the sky held candied valentine hearts
Along the blue shorelines framed by a winter sun swept day
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam too soon before spring is even here!

I walk these woods
birch framed blues
through narrow bays
winter lake waters held
between the rains