it must be a polaroid
cumulus clouds framed in silver
memories of you

Using creative photography for my inspiration, I have chosen to write on “my memories of you” . .
(completed from an earlier post, Sept.27, 2012)
Childhood memories sparkle like a kaleidoscope
Uneven fragments glimpses of days gone by
Born in 1950s and raised in a small home town
An Oklahoman ‘oil boom’ town
With WPA sidewalk sales and downtown stores
The Barrett Clan shared childhood years
And never wanted to grow up . .

I remember —
One day the sky was a beautiful blue with summer cumulus clouds
I was alone and probably about five years old,
Standing in the drive way
I looked up to the sky
I saw a hawk or eagle fly overhead
Such a “giant” bird as this could swoop down
And carry me away . .

I remember —
My grandma Ford
who kept peppermint candies
in her apron pocket
handed us one
when no one was looking!

baking sugar cookies with Katy and I
rolling out the dough
and getting flour over everything in site!

my grand mother playing outside with us
underneath the morning glory vines
looking up through the apple tree leaves
at the summer’s blue sky!

I remember —
playing hide-n-seek, chase, tag
kick the can & red rover red rover
jump rope & hopscotch underneath the carport
tennis at the high school court
backyard basketball & front yard football
school, jacks & rubber band gun wars
indian and cowboys and hanging jail thieves
and annie over with the boys!

I remember —
momma giving us girls all different kinds of things
from her kitchen
pots, pans, skillets & muffin pans
spoons, scoops and rolling pins
buckets for our water
red beans, pinto beans, black eye peas
rice, spaghetti and for our pie ingredients
we could take them outside in jars
making a thousand trips
and then cooked up a storm
mixing and making up our wonderful mud pies
and then cooking them
baking them in the sun on our concrete cellar!