I Travel Open Roads

Shared with @dVersePoets for #OpenLinkNight
This 3rd Tuesday of February
Driving the open roads through Southern Arkansas
i rise to touch a banded sky
i travel unknown roads
open and free
to find the spark
the light
the sound
held by this life
i glide upon sky winds
i meet easy talk along the way
i fill up with gasoline
pennies counted out 
and paid
for this unplanned stop
along the way
the biggest part of my day
traveling from here to there
under the stars
and a coyote’s song
held by a blinded mind
but eyes and ears
that still see

8 thoughts on “I Travel Open Roads”

  1. “…held by a blinded mind
    but eyes and ears
    that still see”

    This gives me such a good feeling; slightly melancholy too. Rising above the melee of life – it's the “rise to touch a banded sky” that gives it that certain perspective. Wants to be read again, and again.


  2. That first stanza is truly beautiful and hooked me right along w. you on that road. It is the journey, not so much the destination. Lovely write!


  3. what a cool journey on that road…to find the spark of light and sound….the song of the coyote…its good to stop along the way as well and appreciate the journey and where you are…as much as where you are headed…smiles.


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