Lake Ann, Bella Vista, AR
 Sunlight beams 
across Lake Ann
cosmic winds
bow over the waters
a universe of
twinkling stars
and pools of circle orbits
marking new galaxies
spinning until they disappear . . .
as stillness lays in wait
foreshadowed by
passing light
crossing over
to our door steps
rooms in
bright morning light
dancing prism rainbows
oh, my sunlight paths
a heron silently flys by
Path of Light
P4P4G4YO, Video Artist

About ░P4P4G4YO░ ~My name is Bruno. Welcome to my You-tube page.  I live in Belgium with my dog Jukai and have been blessed with two lovely daughters and two amazing grandchildren, Juju and Leelee. They are the joy of my life. I enjoy making video’s when I can . . .