Written for dVersePoets
This 2nd Tuesday of January 2013
Inspired by Jessica Kristie
Jessica Kristie’s NEW BOOK Barbed-Wire Butteflies
Writing Notes:
 On Sunday there was a writing prompt by @dVersePoets asking us to write on becoming adults, times of transitioning.  The prompt also referred to changes that take place in a caterpillar’s life.  I thought of the butterflies and was immediately reminded of Jessica Kristie’s work on human trafficking.  I have been wrestling with this ever sense.  I could not stop thinking.  Through dreaming, worrying and then finally working to write something down, I began my journey.  These are complex issues and critical times for all of us! Making a difference only happens when we are first aware!  

In this refugee world where we go missing
Human trafficking reduces us to slavery
We fall prey to lies
Circumstances dictate control so they say
Reducing civility into intolerance
And justice into torture
Ambushed by invisible foes
No safe place
Not for them, no, not for them
We are but mercury pawns
Dripping into the money swaps
Of greed and lust
Transformation before our eyes
As we each stand up one-by-one
Enough is enough
From green unseen
To translucent free
Open ended and split
We emerge wholly transformed
Succeeding against all odds
Anchored by others
Changed forever
Between daylight and dark
When we are crossing over
Between the safe and unsafe
As lifetimes are so easily torn
And trapped
Our innocence stolen
We are like ships
Surrounded by what frees us
And bound by what destroys us
A way exists
Of community and hope
Strength when standing together
Taking care
Making a safe place
Where we grow and flourish
No, not short changed
When looking into your eyes
I know deep in my soul,
But “by the grace of God go I”
Resource Links:
Youtube: Human Trafficking Documentary
Tampa, Florida