Seminole City

Help is on the way!

If you say safe – I say home
Let’s jump the train
And listen to the oil field pumpers

Pull on the blue & red derrick lights
And run across the horizon sky
Caught a glimpse from the welder’s dog house

We will climb the highest tree
Dashing back and forth
Across College street

We will camp out on well mowed lawns
In front of dad’s stone mason grill
Watching the stars go by

I believe you and I belong


To the Moon

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

From Crystal Bridges American Made Exhibit ~ Scott-Irish American immigrant hand made illustrated book of psalms.

Psalm 8:3-5 When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers— the moon and the stars you set in place

My writing ~
Before dawn
Morning’s new star rising
Over these sweet hills

I would love to hand make a small book ~ maybe I shall!

And I say again ~
“I love you to the moon and back again and again”


A Blackjack Morning

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

This morning ~
I sit deep into these Ozark woods
High upon a steep hill
Overlooking my sweet Lake Ann

Stark black branches
Hang and curl through
Heavily wooded forests
Of hickories & blackjack oaks
Backlit by new morning rays
Framing our quiet cove below

My spirit finds peace here
But it is a daily struggle
To return my well being
I tell myself
Everything will be OK
Things will work out
In time and in love

Then somehow my spirit rises
And I too can reach out and walk
Through these woods
Touched by their warmth
And ever giving life

Here ~
I draw from heaven and earth
I can find eternity
In the eye and hands of God’s green earth

Praying an unceasing prayer today ~
I pray for God’s blessings
May angels surround us
May the saints pray for us
May peace surround my family
And protect them


Wars Amid Wars

Who are we together
Who are the dying children
Who do we take care of

What if we pray an unceasing prayer
What if we embrace love and peace
What does history say

Where there is grief and tears
Where there is disaster and devastation
Where there is death and nothing but ruins

Why are we here again and again
Why do we fear and blame
Why do we judge others so harshly

When do we move from the heart
When do you say enough is enough
When do we let go of the fear and pain

How are we getting to a better place
How are we still so divided
How are we choosing our answers


My Arkansas Rain

Good summer morning from the lakeside deck ~

I am blessed this August day ~

This morning
I’m sitting out with my Arkansas rain
Oh there’s nothing quiet like it
In the whole-wide world
Soft and soaking the parched dry earth
Holding the heat at bay
Refreshing the mountain air all new

I look out over these Ozark Mountains
And feel how really old they are
I feel it down deep in my bones
I’m surrounded by earlier times
Where life was much simpler then
And times were cherished
Together in heart and home

From up here
Things just look different
The world is a million miles
Away from here

I’m walking on these time worn paths
And follow them deep into the woods
I lose myself in the moment
As time stops for me ~

I sit under tender branches
While shadows dance into a sun beam
I sit and play awhile
With sticks and stones and leaves
Making a little kitchen
And a place to sit down
Underneath these protective arms
Forever cherished and forever loved