Good summer morning from the lakeside deck ~

I am blessed this August day ~

This morning
I’m sitting out with my Arkansas rain
Oh there’s nothing quiet like it
In the whole-wide world
Soft and soaking the parched dry earth
Holding the heat at bay
Refreshing the mountain air all new

I look out over these Ozark Mountains
And feel how really old they are
I feel it down deep in my bones
I’m surrounded by earlier times
Where life was much simpler then
And times were cherished
Together in heart and home

From up here
Things just look different
The world is a million miles
Away from here

I’m walking on these time worn paths
And follow them deep into the woods
I lose myself in the moment
As time stops for me ~

I sit under tender branches
While shadows dance into a sun beam
I sit and play awhile
With sticks and stones and leaves
Making a little kitchen
And a place to sit down
Underneath these protective arms
Forever cherished and forever loved