Morning Light

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

We had rains over the past two days and this morning it is a clear sky day with gentle breezes & a cool 69 degrees.  Just the perfect weather for sitting outside!

May you take some time today to make a special moment for you and the ones you love.

My writing this morning ~

First morning’s light

There is nothing quite as soft ~

Like a small butterfly’s

Good morning kiss

Day breaks into song

I sit wrapped in

The arms of mighty oaks

Underneath translucent lime green leaves

Backlit by an eastern sky ~

Incredible thankfulness passes over me

Now I can breathe again!


In July

This early Ozark morning

80 degree summer air is heavy

with laden humidity

it sits beside me

and forces a deep exhale

High upon on a hill

overlooking Lake Ann

thin gentle breezes

travel through

this open wooden deck

I gaze out over the ridge

to hold the light in a moment

in peace and calm

and I say, Oh my

what a glorious day ~

how can I not walk in joy!