From the Inside Out

I come to be with God’s gifts

I lay bare beside the wild

To feel God’s presence

To learn from the blue heron ~

Flying through the cove

To see small golden finches ~

Feeding on thistle seeds

To hear the morning Ravens call ~

Calling to their mate

To smell the honeysuckle vine ~

 Lacing through the hollow

To know in my heart ~

The care & grace of God

To provide all we really need


Home on Lake Ann

Good morning from the lakeside deck~

My morning writing ~

As the old deck fan moves it’s wooden blades

gentle air becomes part of my day

in-between the noisy wood wrens and

delightful chickadees

with distant sweet calls of a lone pine warbler

the day settles into my heart ~

My eye catches a fleeting movement

as two silent blue herons fly side-by-side

over the dock below ~

I raise my head

and watch reflections of Lake Ann’s ridge

standing in historic limestone bluffs

spill over into Bear Point’s cove

as slender waves in greens and blues

like a moving mosaic painting

of Monet’s water gardens ~ ~ ~

Out through the woodland pinion oaks

I can see a family of Canadian geese

gracefully glide over still lake waters

heading east toward the rising sun ~ ~ ~

A heartfelt grace

wraps around my shoulders

calm sweet air

brushes against my cheek ~

Indeed it is in moments just like these

that we understand why our precious

Ozarks are so beloved!