Wars Amid Wars

Who are we together
Who are the dying children
Who do we take care of

What if we pray an unceasing prayer
What if we embrace love and peace
What does history say

Where there is grief and tears
Where there is disaster and devastation
Where there is death and nothing but ruins

Why are we here again and again
Why do we fear and blame
Why do we judge others so harshly

When do we move from the heart
When do you say enough is enough
When do we let go of the fear and pain

How are we getting to a better place
How are we still so divided
How are we choosing our answers

4 thoughts on “Wars Amid Wars”

    1. That you so much for your kind words Cj!
      I believe many of us feel the same way ~
      a wide human cry of why!

      At times I get so emotionally pulled about something that I see or feel ~ I have to write it down!

      I don’t understand war & I don’t understand why we make war?


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