Buyer’s Club

Still here landing on some plateau

Safe haven while waiting

Some have said the only thing holding you back, is yourself

This last week of February offers the end of winter’s hold

Spring has floated through the air and into my bedroom door

Where I simply wait

From my mind’s eye

Lights from a million stars fill Lake Ann

Sunlight falls upon clear blue

Capturing nomads in black and white

Just water striders dancing and walking on top

Creating vortices spilling into waves

There, bathed by a thousand butterflies in flight

I stand with outstretched arms

Offering the soft light of relief

I pray for these moments

This art and practice of just living an ordinary life

To hold onto whatever is left

Inspired by Oscar nominated movie, Dallas Buyer’s Club

so much time trying not to die have no time for living…


Posted with @dVersePoets this last Tuesday of February in the #OpenLinkNight Pub!


A Morning Tea Cup Prayer


I rise
as the first hints of morning’s light
begins to unfold from a heavy night
as soft ever changing pink ribbons
paint over a pale egg blue sky
pulling open the shades
from night’s sleepy eyes
light graces my face and hands
as it falls inside my Irish tea cup
God’s love touches its narrow rim
as steam rises up
and pours out this joyful day!

I rise
as light falls upon open waters
now wicking through only thin ice
finding open shores
where sleepy white snow blankets clung
sky falls as the pink fades
into lovely sky waters
open and blue
found only in early twinkling twilights
as the sun bends its mighty rays
pines trees and all earth
become new again in these healing waters!

I rise
for in a single moment
I hold the passing of time
wearing my Irish shamrock locket
I rest awhile
in sacred silent pauses
burning fires through these thin veiled places
I cherish God’s eternal gifting love
surrounding my morning’s cupped hands
and dwelling within my heart’s full cup!

This becomes my simple morning’s tea cup prayer…

Written for @dVersePoets #OpenLinkNight this third Tuesday of February, 18, 2014!


Winter’s Saturn

Morning came gradually
I awoke and gazed out my window
over the tops of blackened trees and up towards dawn
And I stood and watched only Saturn’s rising . . .
through the velvet night sky
I followed the star’s eastern journey
until the velvet turned into a silvery
blue on blue
And the pink mercury melted from the newly rising sun
spinning directly below the horizon
an ancient winter ritual
finding her true north


I Step No Run

      photo (36)

I step no run . . . .

across the cove’s icy shores

up a mountian ridge

high above where pine trees line

wandering over the river’s course

laying out on the lake

there is a sweet white snow line

ice folding near the shores

graced by the sun

this morning’s light

brings a rush to go anywhere

house bound by winter

  a sudden rush to spring free!


Kindled Hope

Spreading out like mighty woodland oaks

Along Ozark lonely shores

Sunlight skims over Lake Ann’s open waters

Like glistening newly cut polished diamonds

Sunlight falls between the shadowy branches

Following the Bear Hallow landscape of huddled homes.

Nestled wildlife tell their enduring life-long stories

of true kindred spirits.

Singing in winter snows and

Giving kindled hope for the upcoming


– Shared with @dVersePoets for #OpenLinkNightImage