Kindled Hope

Spreading out like mighty woodland oaks

Along Ozark lonely shores

Sunlight skims over Lake Ann’s open waters

Like glistening newly cut polished diamonds

Sunlight falls between the shadowy branches

Following the Bear Hallow landscape of huddled homes.

Nestled wildlife tell their enduring life-long stories

of true kindred spirits.

Singing in winter snows and

Giving kindled hope for the upcoming


– Shared with @dVersePoets for #OpenLinkNightImage

11 thoughts on “Kindled Hope”

  1. Is this the worst winter in memory, with 6 more weeks to go? Perhaps. Even the snow bunnies and winter-loving morons are tired of the below zero temps, and upteen feet to snow. Yes, Spring will arrive, like the holidays, like the birthdays, inexorable, spreading fecundity like fairy dust on everything.


  2. its the sunshine i look forward to…there was a random day last week it got up to 60 and i went out and just stood to feel the warm kiss….soon…it will be here soon enough…smiles….


    1. Yes, we have had at least one day each week that we can get out and enjoy new found sunshine and warmth. Makes me remember the arcade game of hit a ground hog — you would punch it on top of its head and it would go back down! Hibernating for the winter! 🙂 Thanks Brian!! Stay warm my friend in sunshine always! –joanie


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