In Hopeful Wait

I’m a withered stone
Layered edges
Tarnished and frayed
Unseen by the casual eye
I’m an ocean wave
Waiting on sunlit shores
Soothed by ocean tides
Extinguished by day
I’m a candle flame
Embers rise
In red and golden hues
Gone in the black smoke of day
I’m a yellow song bird
Dipping silent sips of holy water
Watching for sudden changes
As I garner my next safe move
I’m in hopeful wait
Stalled out and fatigued
A restless traveler
Impatient with my day
I’m a joyous sunrise
Found over the water’s edge
Movements of sweet
Light summer air

Revolution and Peace

I Speak Outloud

I talk to the universe
I speak outloud and out of turn

From myself to the world
And right back again
A hurried song
Speaking in a voice hopefully heard
Beyond the mountain ridge
Over the canyon walls
Our feet are held together
Mired in summer clay
Where we
Should be marching in the streets
Stopped in our tracks
By dogged ideology
Human rights are held at bay
Played out by some principled idea or temporal song
For when stars see
And understand our stories
Each helping create scared spaces
We choose to build a more peaceful world!

Arkansas Rainstorm

Thunder is all around
A crescent Thunder Moon holds the morning sky
Lightning bolts scatters the bent sky
As it cascades down the edges of our sky dome
Sky winds tumble through with gusty cheers
Tree tops nod to each other and
Then stand true
Busily waiting for a new round
Robins and cardinals sit noticeably still
Waiting for storms to pass
Feathers all tucked in
And sheltered by oak leaf shutters
If you listen carefully you can hear the winds coming
As it travels over the lake waters
There in the distance
You can see rain splashing the top of Lake Ann
The wind and rain runs to meet you
And then rushes right past
This August Arkansas rain storm
Passes to the North and East
Bound for new shores and new Ozark mountain ridges
Washing mother earth
#Lake Ann

This Beauty Still

Oh, the awakening day
hushed into my morning sky
night covers away
I watch
this morning’s sky rise
from opalescent pearls
to the hush of pink wild roses
obsidian nights away
painting early dawn’s blues
upon distant hills
I rise
to this morning’s silent call
to lighten my heart
to touch the gentle dawn
Ozark heart
I meet
a crisp cool early fall
kissed upon 
this late summer’s  day
I walk
these Ozark shores
among the hawthorns & pines
captivated by nature’s beauty
I sit
in stillness 
lost in the moment
held steady & sure
I reach
for the morning sky
and ride gentle breezes
caught on a whim
I travel
over mountain tops
my spirit soars
guided by these hills
Ozark heart!