#Prayer, #Summer, Poetry, Revolution and Peace

A Votive Prayer


I whisper a votive prayer

By the holy shrine’s radiant light

Deep within this earthen cave

Surrounded by rock and stone rises

I lift my eyes as well as my heart

Toward the most beautiful empyrean garden

Soft scattered layers

Of green leaves and woodland debris

Hide the well-worn walking path

Here, in fields of sweet Lavender and ever-blooming Roses – – A sweet bath

Fills this morning’s air with soul nourishing scents

I only hope this day

Brings understanding and peace

That we don’t choose to keep it at bay

Stopping short

We turn away from a neglected peace

Toward only the wretched pains of war

I whisper a votive prayer

Believing prayer light will travel over vast distances

Finding our hearts aglow in time

Revolution and Peace

I Speak Outloud

I talk to the universe
I speak outloud and out of turn

From myself to the world
And right back again
A hurried song
Speaking in a voice hopefully heard
Beyond the mountain ridge
Over the canyon walls
Our feet are held together
Mired in summer clay
Where we
Should be marching in the streets
Stopped in our tracks
By dogged ideology
Human rights are held at bay
Played out by some principled idea or temporal song
For when stars see
And understand our stories
Each helping create scared spaces
We choose to build a more peaceful world!