In Hopeful Wait

I’m a withered stone
Layered edges
Tarnished and frayed
Unseen by the casual eye
I’m an ocean wave
Waiting on sunlit shores
Soothed by ocean tides
Extinguished by day
I’m a candle flame
Embers rise
In red and golden hues
Gone in the black smoke of day
I’m a yellow song bird
Dipping silent sips of holy water
Watching for sudden changes
As I garner my next safe move
I’m in hopeful wait
Stalled out and fatigued
A restless traveler
Impatient with my day
I’m a joyous sunrise
Found over the water’s edge
Movements of sweet
Light summer air

5 thoughts on “In Hopeful Wait”

  1. how beautiful you see things Joanie as hard as a stone may first seem with all its withered textures you then with Only your eye bring to the reader the light side of this wonderful being :)) thankQ for sharing with the beez :)))


  2. Thank you Brian!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this write. Born out of frustration with life…. I do look to nature to bring together ideas of intersection between self and spirit.

    Energy is certainly something I need! 🙂 Have a great weekend Brian! –joanie


  3. Thank you Kathleen for your kind words and stopping by! Truly — I laughed right out loud . . . you know sometimes I do feel like I'm growing way too old & way too fast!!! 🙂

    How invisible we become to others and perhaps even to ourselves.

    Changes are constant and when I settle down to pause for my day, I understand that we are more than
    our temporal selves! — probably way to much philosophy here! Have a great weekend -joanie


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