#Lake Ann

This Beauty Still

Oh, the awakening day
hushed into my morning sky
night covers away
I watch
this morning’s sky rise
from opalescent pearls
to the hush of pink wild roses
obsidian nights away
painting early dawn’s blues
upon distant hills
I rise
to this morning’s silent call
to lighten my heart
to touch the gentle dawn
Ozark heart
I meet
a crisp cool early fall
kissed upon 
this late summer’s  day
I walk
these Ozark shores
among the hawthorns & pines
captivated by nature’s beauty
I sit
in stillness 
lost in the moment
held steady & sure
I reach
for the morning sky
and ride gentle breezes
caught on a whim
I travel
over mountain tops
my spirit soars
guided by these hills
Ozark heart!

2 thoughts on “This Beauty Still”

  1. Thanks Beez!!

    WOW — you know how to really encourage a brand new writer! I can't tell you how much your
    support means to me! Thank you for always going the second mile in sharing my writing; so much appreciated!

    I love the visual of an empty chair — it always is so romantic to me, in wait for someone to share the moment.
    You statement of “how words fill this chair” made me smile — ah, such as great way of seeing the poem too.
    Thanks my dear friend and enjoy your weekend — joanie


  2. oh look how your words fill this chair this is such a beautiful poem with feelings of such hope and awareness of so much more than meets our eyes in life … thankq for always sharing with me beez ;)x


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