Falling Waters

waterfall lace
covering the rocks below
unsure of destination or 
homes only rented

suddenly abandoned
moving on

coursing through etched river roads
water falling offers eternal ethereal sounds
pushing and sliding filling every space
the rush of a quiet sweet heart
memory taken over in hopeful peace

the call of the wild
forgotten for awhile
believe me
troubles follow me
burdened by this world

I pack up a two person tent
I launch a two seated canoe
repeating to myself
love waits
but I find only sandy shores

the call of earth and water
sky winds speak to me
eternal calls
I remember to return here
grounding my spirit and soul ~

found along these falling waters



New growth red maple stems

Signals to father cardinal
There in the high tree tops
I stop to wonder what’s wrong
With the ole fellow
Crested fallen feathers
Chest feathers tussled
And in disarray 
Only upon narrow focus
I find him almost stone faced
Enjoying the solar action
Shining down on his fanned 
Red tail feathers
Fly away
Photo Credit by Nomano ~ Flicker



Meet Me on the Road

100 times for 100 miles
and for so many reasons why
I travel around the next bend
guided by nothing but the road
Where shall I go
a simple Ozark vagabond wish
looking for the dawn
rise my dear
I’m here with Woody Guthrie 
singing an old Okie tune
traveling down the open road
my heart grows stronger
Held to the road
by my grandmother’s hand
born of the highlands
with a pioneer’s steely grace
I need a place to roam 
where I know I belong
meet me down the road
That’s all I really need to know
I roam these blue skies
held close by 
the green green earth
and find all roads lead to the same

  – – living by midnight starlight kisses


In Memory for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma prairie grasslands
there on the open plains 
where winds are built to run wild
reaching speeds not found anywhere else on earth
nature’s unbridled super storms
remarkable power to undo lives
sirens wail
emergency broadcasts
Doplar radar and real time
TV footage 
streaming full hd
CNN floods the airwaves ~
all hearts pray and hold on
this time no escape 
walls cascade down 
blown out and tossed away
frame by frame
survivors buried in rubble ~
we come up for air
a time of sheer shock
a time to hold each other
a time for neighbors helping
neighbors ~
once again we stand
a time to grieve
a time to feel our pain
a time to remember
lives lost
and cherish those we love
from the tornado wreckage
humanity lifts 
with a call of mighty arms
clearing wind blown heaps
and uncovering
sacred ground to rebuild upon ~
God bless us
we are stronger than any storm
with hope in our hearts 
we turn another page ~
to begin once more