Falling Waters

waterfall lace
covering the rocks below
unsure of destination or 
homes only rented

suddenly abandoned
moving on

coursing through etched river roads
water falling offers eternal ethereal sounds
pushing and sliding filling every space
the rush of a quiet sweet heart
memory taken over in hopeful peace

the call of the wild
forgotten for awhile
believe me
troubles follow me
burdened by this world

I pack up a two person tent
I launch a two seated canoe
repeating to myself
love waits
but I find only sandy shores

the call of earth and water
sky winds speak to me
eternal calls
I remember to return here
grounding my spirit and soul ~

found along these falling waters

11 thoughts on “Falling Waters”

  1. Buddah,
    I certainly agree with your comments– growing older has made me appreciate nature so much.

    Thank you every so much for taking time to read and your kind words!

    Wising you a wonderful evening filled with peace! -joanie


  2. Brian, Thank sounds so wonderful! I sit many times and wish I was younger and in better health so I could now do that — I do have many good memories of camping out by water. I am drawn to the water.

    Thank you for taking time to read and comment.
    Have a great weekend too!


  3. mmm i oft return to nature to ground myself and my soul…the waterfall sounds amazing as well…there used to be this waterfall where i kayaked we would pull over and climb it, sit in a small cave right under where the water spilled over….


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