I have sat here since early morning
Watching for sky changes
From night lights to daylight
Watching way before dawn
Waiting for the sun’s horizon rising

Facing the morning sun
Each sun’s ray fell upon my eyes
I could trace its path in beads
I held out my cupped hands
Holding the ball of light
Spreading its rays directly to me

Autumn light ever so slanted
That it made Lake Ann’s waters
Look like flowing bronze mercury
Riding on top of a heavy breeze
From a cold front passing through

As clouds were parting
And dancing away
I saw the softness of an
Upcoming winter’s sky

I have a sense of unease
With undertones of a long goodbye
I try to refocus on life moments
Replenishing to the present now

One ~



Hoping for a reset ~
Holding onto life
Push and hold ~
An on-light
Glowing green