It’s a good morning at Lake Ann’s Lakeside Deck.
These beautiful Fall days are one of the very reasons we live in the Ozarks…so thankful I am here today. I hope you have someone to share this day with you, truly no greater gift – GOLD.

Everyday is a New Day!

I awake before the bird sings
Twilight undertones frame my sky
Soft light streams up to me
Grey clouds roll through Lake Ann
Spreading over hills
As fog lifts off the cove

Morning first light
Paints new streaks of hot pink
Along the clouds underside bellies

And then blue sky unfolds
Just as pink fades

All the night colors leave
And green shows back up
For its day shift

I wrap Maude’s quilt
Around my shoulders
Close and warm

Then breathe softly
As I intently listen
For the first bird song

Lake Ann photo