I Stand

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Our temperatures here dropped to freezing last night and I’m hoping it didn’t cut the flowers back for spring.

I have lots of work to get accomplished today ~ hoping and praying for focus.

My morning write ~

For the rolling fog
Over placid cold waters

For the sun to tip its head
Over dampened brown earth

For the frozen air to stir
Over warming chimney smoke

As I breathe out warm moist air
Over this fine sunshine day

While I stand here
My soul laying out among the mist
Over silent prayers of mercy & grace

Writing Note: Something that stood out for me in reading Walt Whitman’s poem, Starting From Paumanok ~
“I stand in my place with my own day here”. I feel this is so true for me living here on Lake Ann! Blessed!


2 thoughts on “I Stand”

    1. Thank you my dear Madison! Wishing you warm days. . . hope to see you out and about. I am going to try to make it to one of the Farmers Markets down at Huntsville. Luv ya, your Ozark friend, Joanie

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