Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

I’m declaring ~

First ever in February ~ Come sit out on the deck as I will be outside today on my deck!

It is 69 degrees and will probably reach 80 degrees by this afternoon with allot of high gusty winds. And this is a FEBRUARY WINTER DAY!

Crazy ~ our warming climate is certainly making itself known to us in so many ways ~ I hope we are paying attention as there are signs of global warming everywhere impacting us, nature and our very existence!

My morning write ~

Morning light filters through my day
Streaming through the sky and fields
Lighting up Lake Ann’s byways

Highlife hangs in the air
And touches everything
What comes what may

Light sparkles & spins
Framing a lit dance floor
Like a childhood dance with your father

Clouds rush overhead
Carrying wind & high moisture
Sheltered day by day

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Morning Still


I’m held here by a single moment
Stepping outside
Into the cold winter warmth

A soft morning light bathes my soul
In gentle touches
Sweet as sweet soft cheek kisses

Reflections of both land and sky
Shine upon a stilled Lake Ann
Out-stretching trees linger over its shores
Forever, falling into the depths below
But, soon this Escher painting will vanish too

In the distance
Canadian Geese fly through the cove
Leaving only echoes behind

An Ozark mountain sunrise moves over the ridge
And twilight blues
Turn into day
Leaving the world silenced and still

Oh, how my heart wishes to stay
Pausing in this day
For just one more treasured moment
Held in peace and joy

How thankful I am . . .
Gratitude floods over me
Surrounds me
Wraps its arms around me

I embrace this place
With each breath I breathe
Wishing again for a single morning star-rise
But, I must go