This Day

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~
Starting out at 35 degrees and rising to 65 ~ not bad for the last day in January.

Bear Hollow Point at Lake Ann lays right across from our home. It is always such a great view as the sunlight changes it every hour of the day and with each season.

In the mornings it lays in blues and then in lavenders and finally in shades of golds as the twilight turns to day.

My wish for you is that you find time to step out into the healing world surrounding us.

Take time to look for the good and positive ~ make your journey with God each day and reach out to others even in the most simplest of ways.

Thankful for this new day & for beautiful Lake Ann.

Thankful to be apart of this wonderful community that we have grown to love ~ gratitude!

My writing ~

Share this day with the world
As we step out & stand up
Our voices heard
Freedom rings


Good morning from the lakeside deck from the inside out~

It’s cold this morning ~ 30 degrees

Please keep my nephew Hugh in prayers today as he is at Mayo Clinic. Praying for the doctors to put together a comprehensive plan for his recovery. Praying for Hugh to be in less pain today. Praying for his wife Diane who is there with him. Praying for our family including Donovan and Nissan.

My morning prayer ~
As a new sun is rising
So may your new day greet you
With warmth & love abiding
May angels surround you
And protect you everlasting


Torn and fragile

In the midst of my afternoon
I park by a single tree
Long shadows pull me in
As I feel a kinship to tree & shadow

I want to be where long shadows are
Where wind flows through tree branches
Where sunlight dances

I stare at the laying ground shadows
Flat against the grey
As the wind bends the tree back and forth
Mesmerized in its sway
I’m immersed into a conclave of paved concrete

Fozen by my surroundings
I see a large white arrow pointing away
I chose to just stay
I can choose to stay?
I stay