Good morning from the lakeside deck ~
Starting out at 35 degrees and rising to 65 ~ not bad for the last day in January.

Bear Hollow Point at Lake Ann lays right across from our home. It is always such a great view as the sunlight changes it every hour of the day and with each season.

In the mornings it lays in blues and then in lavenders and finally in shades of golds as the twilight turns to day.

My wish for you is that you find time to step out into the healing world surrounding us.

Take time to look for the good and positive ~ make your journey with God each day and reach out to others even in the most simplest of ways.

Thankful for this new day & for beautiful Lake Ann.

Thankful to be apart of this wonderful community that we have grown to love ~ gratitude!

My writing ~

Share this day with the world
As we step out & stand up
Our voices heard
Freedom rings