Good morning on the lakeside deck from Lake Ann, Bella Vista, AR ~

Sitting at
94•13’58″W 36•28’29″N
at Elevation +11.1• 7:45 AM

My morning write ~
Sun beams
Tips & slides into day
Golden rays criss-cross the mountain ridge
And finally the sun sits right on top
In its familiar giant ball
As it meets the morning sky

Shadows flow with gentle sky winds
As trees gently sway and then create
A full blown symphony of wind concertos

Super bright golden rays
Fill the hardwood forest branches
And stunning bright green leaves
Shine like emeralds
As the sun dances higher into the sky

The first kisses of a sunbeam
Arches and passes over the land
Like an open window without a shutter
Sunlight spills out tracing the earth

High in the tree tops
First light lands
And cool night shadows
Linger in the shallows
Down on the hill
As it too waits for day ~

I see morning
As it is unfolding
In this golden hour
Passing through

A dazzling solid land ray
Smoothes out its light and
Fades into day

Over me and around me
The wind shifts
As air currents rise
Over these Ozarks hills
As we wait for the next rising air ~