News of Golden Moon’s Passing

From Crystal Bridges Museum Collection

Friend and mentor ~ Editor
Poetry and Prose Magazine

In remembrance ~
Sudden pain and loss
Clothed in fear and dread
Gone from love
Lost to us
Reaching to see
Brought forward again and again
By life’s relentless unfolding
Death’s forever gnawing off edges
From around our souls
When does this stop?

Its stops when we remember
The joy and faith Moon lived by
Cherished friends and writers
Moon encouraged beginner writers like me ~

We can carry part of her legacy forward
By remembering to do more of what she
Always asked us to do more of ~
Write ~


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Happy Thanksgiving from the lakeside deck ~May God’s spirit and grace surround us and lift us up in love. ~joanie 

Gentle falling leaves over Ozark waters

Soft grey skies filters sunlight

Sparkles of white gems glitter and cluster near the shores 

As returning wind fans travel across our cove

Time seems to be held in a late Autumn’s breath

As we ready ourselves for making our winter’s nest


Blue to Gold

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Early morning twilight blue in soft restful pillow light

Right before dear mother earth’s star rises

As it strikes high Sirius clouds floating through the horizon

All while soft underbelly clouds

Are shape-shifting on the tip-tops of Ozark hills

Glorious blues, turquoise, and chevron pinks streak across the sky

Mandarin oranges stacks along honey dew yellows

And in a whisper

The day trades it all for golden hues