this October sky – OpenLinkNight

 written for this First Tuesday of October

#OpenLinkNight @dVersePoets

“I had discovered that learning something, no matter how  complex, wasn’t hard                                           when I had a reason to want to know it.”― Homer H. HickamRocket Boys

sky winds
as summer wanes
high on a mountain ridge
where the trees meet the sky
i face the sky winds
felt only as i walk out into the woods
along road’s edge
dropping out of sight
i close my eyes
lift my face to the sun
 my heart towards God’s
soothing soul
i look up to the sky
the sky looks down
a cup held
i face the wind
i touch the wind
i refresh my soul
what do I do?
i’m leaving this place
i capture the sun & the sky
i push them down deep into my soul
tangerine sunsets
painting the way starward
above the tree line
out and away
this October sky
held our Harvest Moon setting on top of the sun
collecting a jar full of stars
to light my way
wanting to become
i want to know who i am
who i can be
something different
greater than
cookie-cutter life
seeing my soul
knowing my soul
autumn brings new beginnings
i wait in hope
autumn’s brillance
new promises
i rise in hope
i follow the golden colors
towards a new path
up and over this mountain ridge