Written for NWCU Wednesday's Wake-Up Call

Two Suns

Open Door
Galaxies Abound

First morning of my new autumn
I sit with 2 suns
One in my blue sky
The other upon my open door
Reflections dance around me
Each side of me warmed by
The sheer presence of
Sunlight yellows
And morning golds.
I sit amazed by my simplistic reality
Accomplished with delightful serendipity
All through a morning door
Left opened.
I experience fully . . .
Seeing, feeling and believing
That yes, indeed,
Like magic
Two different suns in the sky
Both at the same time
One on my left
Another on my right
Without ever having to leave this earth
I visit a new galaxy!

11 thoughts on “Two Suns”

  1. so lovely majestic, serene and all through that open door the magic revealed – two suns – certainly one to awake the senses – gorgeous and love the vid clip – xx lib


  2. The magic revealed when dancing gets underway 🙂 Joanie…this is a superb write…the reflection still dances in my mind as I ponder that open doorway…and the video! What a wonderful Wake Up Call you've brought us today. So very awesome to have you 🙂


  3. Hey, Brian, good morning my friend! Thanks for reading and your kind comments. I two suns because I had the open door reflecting back into the room the very sun that I looked directly out to in the other window! It was truly an awesome sight and never would have notice it at all if it wasn't for stopping to dance in its light!


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