A Boxed Door

Second Poem Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

Tuesday 9/11

Sand stone rock
Heavy rock
Hand laid rock
Each laid side by side
Upon the layered wall
forward against time
By some modern day road
Barrier walls
Solid as an outside wall
Fall from above
In a shrouded mist
Like a long lost ark
No windows ~
Boarded up
Only a outside locked door
No steps
Totally gone ~
Suspended in a tomb
With no way out
Hung in suspension
Like a freight train
Jump on board
Like Guthrie and Rogers
Back in the day
Mounted within sight
A rear view mirror
Allows a close watch
Who threatens from without
A boxed-planked door
A long lost soul
Walking no path
A long ago memory
Held hostage
Until it is no more
Or forever gone
Can this be?
Hushed silence
A stillness lays
Like tombs of fallen soldiers
Mighty heroes found
Into the night
Where campfires
Now are lit
Eternal flames
Fails the
Forever night

Living in the Mist II

First Poem
Written for Tuesday’s
dVersePoets Open Link Night
On 9/11Tenth Anniversary

Where she lays upon the day
where she lays upon the night
air and space meets
not to rest
but to live in the mist
where shadows become known
so it is shown
like steam out of a tea pot
forming and then pouring out
where shadows become known
so it is shown
both veiled and seen through
who knew
aware she lays upon the day
aware she lays upon the night

Rising Mist

Oh, my whispered breath! ~~~~~

morning’s early dawn
tumbles into a cool autumn day
dawn’s first light roams
with fingers pulling at will
streams of silvery veils
up the mountain side
and above the lake
vapors rise
as if trying to stop the day
but then relinquishes to the
mighty morning mist

Oh my whispered breath! ~~~~~


A September Song

@dVersePoets DURING #OpenLinkNight

September plays autumn notes
written by summer drought
except for prelude of Isaac air

trees already pause for winter
in a great song of
“Hi ~ ber ~ nation”

our early unrecoverable refrain
an extra long symphony
now yellow leaves falling plays

a September Song

“Oh, it’s a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn’t got time for the waiting game
Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I’ll spend with you
These precious days I’ll spend with you” — lyrics written by Maxwell Anderson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

September Song” is an American pop standard composed by Kurt Weill, with lyric by Maxwell Anderson, introduced by Walter Huston in the 1938 Broadway musicalKnickerbocker Holiday. It has since been recorded by numerous singers and instrumentalists. It was also used in the 1950 film September Affair, and for the credits in the television series May to December (a quote from the opening line of the song).

(September Song ~ sung by Frank Sinatra in 1965)


In the Pines

First writing #haiku

I hear wind in the pines
brought high to the top of the hill
wrestling whispers of you


Second writing #tanka

the whisper of air refreshed
morning light’s fluttering kiss
sky winds greet me
a curl of mountain wood smoke
tumbles down upon my hearth


Third writing #haiku

many a day goes by
only answers heard from sky winds
pull me closer to you