A Boxed Door

Second Poem Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

Tuesday 9/11

Sand stone rock
Heavy rock
Hand laid rock
Each laid side by side
Upon the layered wall
forward against time
By some modern day road
Barrier walls
Solid as an outside wall
Fall from above
In a shrouded mist
Like a long lost ark
No windows ~
Boarded up
Only a outside locked door
No steps
Totally gone ~
Suspended in a tomb
With no way out
Hung in suspension
Like a freight train
Jump on board
Like Guthrie and Rogers
Back in the day
Mounted within sight
A rear view mirror
Allows a close watch
Who threatens from without
A boxed-planked door
A long lost soul
Walking no path
A long ago memory
Held hostage
Until it is no more
Or forever gone
Can this be?
Hushed silence
A stillness lays
Like tombs of fallen soldiers
Mighty heroes found
Into the night
Where campfires
Now are lit
Eternal flames
Fails the
Forever night

5 thoughts on “A Boxed Door”

  1. Jackie, thank you for taking time to visit and to add your comments. I so appreciate it!! The texture hopefully stood out as the photo was such a powerful one for me. I tried to put words to my feelings for this day. Thanks again — joanie


  2. Thank you Brian! I just took the photograph over the weekend at War Eagle Mills, near Eureka Springs, AR. The building just hit me as a forlorn piece of history, someone's story! With 9/11 I tried to use it as an inspiration. The haunting question throughout is – forever gone? Thanks -joanie


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