Held At Bay

Written this last Tuesday in August
Written With/For dVersePoets #OpenLinkNight

nothing prepares you for this day
scant feelings of rushed tears &
a sobbing soul

somehow you keep holding
them at bay ~
pushed back &
buttoned hole

secrets of diagnosis
pinned down with yet
another pair of hands

without regrets
not for any part of the day
a closing and watchful eye 

23 thoughts on “Held At Bay”

  1. Victoria, thank you so much for taking time to read and comment!
    Thank you for all that your did as a hospice nurse. We used hospice for my mom, and then for my sister and for my brother too. Each of them got to be home during their final days! Meant so much to our family that we could do this for them. Thanks you again!


  2. You compress a great deal in this, and it all is powerful and mature. There is no one that sooner or later will not have a day like this, yet every time it happens it is a fresh painful wound for the person involved.


  3. Joan, this is laced with both courage and emotion. To face a life-threatening diagosis, to travel that end-of-life journey alone or with a loved one can only be taken a day at a time. (I'm a hospice nurse–retired, that is–and have seen so many responses. Yours is touching. I wish you well.


  4. O, Joanie, a small diamond gem that cuts deeply,knowingly. We can never prepare…and yet that “without regrets” resonates with the reader, profoundly. A great reminder, and some solace. So right on!


  5. Thanks Louise for taking time to read and comment! Life sometimes is layered upon us — seemingly surrounding us with little else but immediate needs. However, one finds blessings within each moment that we do have. No guarantees —


  6. ugh…hard emotions in this…nothing does prepare you for that day…you allude to why it was the day for you…but i think on some level we all have those days…mine for me was a long one with my MIL as she passed with no help available…


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