August Drought Days

Summer Ozark mountains
Leaves falling like rain in early autumn
Pushed into distress
Over limestone bluffs
Our summer green found
Only in Lake Ann’s waters
Extreme heat filled the air to 110
Afternoon clouds building relief
Night time thunder showers
August moon rising
Lightning break dancing
Thunder loudly applauds
  At last ~ flashes of lighting
Finds an empty hollow
And moves up our cove

Thousands of rain drops
Downpour with might
Dear, oh my ~ thank God
Thunderstorms shouts with
Wind, rain and hail
Even through the storm
Wind damages
And power outages
An awesome sight
Grateful answered prayers

For us drought dwellers


Dances of Green and Gold

blue patch-work skies
fields of green and gold tasseled corn
driving Wisconsin miles
rows and rows from horizon to horizon
corn, beans and alfalfa
bright golds dancing mile by mile
sunflowers smiling still
contour farming hills
take the shape of curves and meadows
by some high Mid-West design
holding scene close
forever roaming country roads
wishlist in my bucket