Love in Waiting

Written this second Tuesday in August
For dVersePoets OpenLinkNight
Prompt of Love

stems in violet hues
rounded curves in glass and shadow
love in waiting
Writing Notes:
I had picked a large collection of summer time flowers and placed them in a clear glass vase of water.  Overnight the water had been dyed from the pigments in the flowers.  I took several photographs and enlarged them trying to enhance the view of the flower stems.  I was surprised to find what looks like a lady in a long dress standing on the right side.  This shadow brought me a gift today!
stems in violet hues
rounded curves in glass and shadow
love in waiting
scattered reflections in my day’s sun
examined in close meditation done
to discover questions and to find
answers waiting in mere words
longing to rework the unknown and to be heard
in some melody from the kind
of love that went
to the sidelines and remains now spent
lost love
caring becomes heavy and strained
growing weary of heart break
how do we find our love again
starting over
can’t bear to hear the heavy silences
don’t want to feel the pain
can’t bear the loneliness
even when we are near
love is in waiting
sitting along the sidelines
all you can say is you want
to be left alone
i want to awake to star dust
of a midnight sky
dance in the moonlight
live within joyful moments
even in the full day’s sun
after a lifetime of now broken promises
all my thoughts and feelings collide
I melt into rounded edges

15 thoughts on “Love in Waiting”

  1. Louise thank you for visiting my blog! I am so glad you enjoyed the poetry. You have it right ~ it truly was from noticing something that I saw and then began thinking and wondering about someone standing there waiting for love to how I felt too. Thanks again especially for taking time to add comment. Always appreciated!


  2. Thank you Jackie ~ it indeed was a progression for me something like being pulled more and more inward in my reflections & feelings too. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment as well ~. So greatly appreciated!!


  3. Amazing what can turn a sleeping mind to such flowering of emotions…Your poetry here is like a bud opening more and more, revealing the blossomed beauty of your emotions. Lovely!


  4. glad i popped back over…what an interesting transformation this has taken since i read the first one….very much different but….very cool that water was colored by the flowers…


  5. Good afternoon Louise! Thank you for visiting my blog today. Also, thanks for such kind words. I am glad you enjoyed my attempt at a haiku poem. I find that I really use my twitter link as my notebook or daily muse — just trying to capture moments during my day before they are gone.


  6. Hi Kathleen, dear friend thank you for stopping by my blog. And thanks for sharing with me always help give my day a smile! The three writings move from thoughts to deeper reflections on how I was feeling. It was such a surprise to find 'the lady' in the vase's reflections where there was nothing before! Curious how light and shadow plays throughout our days. Thanks again!


  7. Hi Claudia and thanks for visiting today! It is so very true that one small insight or observation can lead you down different paths. If find that just pausing can allowing you to move inward to your thoughts and feelings. Really it is incredible how our minds work!
    And thanks, I too hope for love's return!


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