Light On My Wall

light passing through

open door in morning shadows

time stops to say hello 

3 thoughts on “Light On My Wall”

  1. this is always happening to me, when the curtains are cracked or open and it's not so hot, light shining or reflected through my window onto the wall. I have many, many photos of this type.

    My professor taught us never to rewrite the poem of another, but that doesn't seem to be in effect generally, so: you know, you don't really need 'light passing' since you have the photo. This is a big sticking point in haiga, and your poem is not wrong, I just prefer to not state the obvious. Your poem made me think of this, however (as I said, this phenomenon happens to me all the time:

    in morning shadows
    through open door
    I say hello to Time

    See, that's just the opposite point of view. Or

    in morning shadows
    through open door
    arrested Time

    Congratulations on tackling interesting subjects. If I didn't like it I would not have said anything 🙂


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