Powerhouse Restless

Powerhouse or Jose’s
Supper is a dinner mealtime
Happy hour
Need a drink
On the way to a poetry read
Nightbirds Books on
Dickson Street
Downtown Fayetteville
A little turning leaf to redefine ~
Emitting some other time
Quarter glass of left over carafe Promising sips
Single table for one
Late afternoon light streams
Sun tries to hide in the haze
But can’t ~
Brick & mortar
High ceilings
Hanging lights
Moving ceiling fans
Sports bar
Kentucky made it into
Final four basketball
March madness
Food tax at $1.35
Wine tax only $1.80
Meal $12.95
Pay your parking by the hour
Then a wine tax on top of that
When complete sign the bill
Drink down the rest of wine
Finding the exit
Time for next
But itching & tired
Pulled to find the new
Fighting to stay!

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