Sunlit Gifts

Lake Ann
Nestled by dawn
Caught off guard
Blanketed by morning’s fog

Clouds of fog rise
At a lowly 39 degrees
A hushed morning’s breath

Ozark blue skies
Tinged in cool crisp air
Held close and softly
A first morning’s dove song

Mountain blue birds fly by
I catch myself staying for awhile
Hidden along the garden hedge

My morning’s walk
Found only
Standing in the sun
Sun bathing

Sunlit morning gifts
Warm air scatters my day
Among the songs
I move on . . .


Sacred Listening

Sacred silence
Found in between
And at the same time
Found on the edges
In the morning mist

How to live within
Between the edges

Silence surely does exist
As dark matter fills all of space
Between what is &
What is known
Held in the here & now

Within & yet out side
Positive & negative

Deep listening
Toward the silence of your day
Listening to the sacred

Myself and silence
What do I hear!
I am listening
Sacred listening

Calm inner peace colliding
Held in sacred silence
Found upon the walls
Silence slams and falls

Movement extracts my soul
I find my day
Sacred listening

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Writing on Paper Napkins

Sunday’s writing
Computer screens & keyboards
Pen & ink
Paper & pencil
A much better combination

Some say
Not really until you
Add a folded paper napkin
Vanilla latte at your table

Doodles & scribbles
Art bobbles
Stretching your mind

Thinking out loud
Restating a thought
That used to be connected
But now has flown to the north
Where dark storm clouds roam

Tis I
Who tries to remember
Just what it was
How I to phrased it
How I strung the pearls
Of my words together

Then just as easily
I begin to write again

You see
Writing is a process
One that looks you directly
In the eye
As if to say
Oh, you think you can?
Not without a paper napkin!


Upon a Hill

I search and searched
never knowing
exactly what for? . . .
to live a full life
a simple choice?
one simply decides . . .
to do
the ordinary
to love
to give
selfishlessly . . .
to help turn
dark to light
despair to hope
sadness into laughter!
In spite of it all
even when it surrounds you
to rise above
to meet at
the top of the hill!

Dedicated to my sister Katy – struggled to over come a brain tumor — Her spirit was always strong and she kept going one step at a time with joy in her heart! Katy passed this last year.

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First Breakfast

Cool gentle soothing time
Open store posted hours
As we search together
For today’s first morning meal
First breakfast of today
Fresh bakery delights
Cookies and rich bold coffee
New art paper and pencils
Space and surroundings collide
Beauty surrounds us as we walk the Brand new French bakery
Black & white
Framed in woods
Colorful bold art of birds
Inspiration for a child’s heart
A cup of joe that came
With full art & rhyme